3 bedroom apartment for sale in Kapsalos, Limassol

Ref No:
  • Status: For Sale
  • Property type: Apartment
  • Ref. ID: 16910
  • Area: Limassol
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Parking spaces: 1
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: N/A


The building will consist of 3 floors with total 18 apartments.

  • 6 apartments of three bedrooms
  • 6 apartments of two bedrooms
  • 6 apartments of one bedroom.

The apartments on the 3rd floor will have a roof garden.

Technical specifications:

The static structure of the building is designed from reinforced concrete and in accordance with the Cyprus anti-seismic code and the Eurocodes.

Exterior Shell And Thermal Insulation Capacity

The entire outer shell (masonry, exposed floors and roof) of the building will be based on the study of the Energy Engineer in terms of energy efficiency of the building. A thermal facade system and 0.05 cm polystyrene will be installed on the roof. The thermal insulation capacity of the building will be Class A.


The external masonry is made of high quality bricks with a total thickness of 0.25 cm.

The internal masonry will be made of bricks with a total thickness of 0.10 cm according to the Plans.

Plaster and Oil Painting

Exterior Surfaces

The exterior surfaces will be coated with acrylic paint of a color of the Architect’s choice.

Interior Surfaces

The interior masonry will be troweled and painted with three coats of A quality enamel paint.


All ceilings will be troweled and painted with three coats of A quality enamel paint.

Hydraulic setup

There will be an independent complete hydraulic installation with a pipe in pipe distribution system. Each apartment will have its own solar water heater of high efficiency and quality.


High energy efficient aluminum thermal frames with double glazing for better sound insulation and thermal insulation.


The elevators will be of modern standards and will comply with the rules of the Planning Authority.

Public spaces

All common indoor and outdoor areas will be lined with high quality materials. There will be lighting that will include sensors for automatic control for more security. The entrance to the building will be with an access card and / or keyboard. CCTVs will also be installed in each unit.


Living / Dining room, Kitchen

Ceramics with a purchase value of € 20.00 / m2 with the corresponding ax.


Laminate flooring of purchase and installation value € 20.00 / m2


Ceramic worth € 15.00 / m2 with the corresponding ax.


Bathrooms. Ceramics with a purchase value of € 20.00 / m2

Hygiene Items

One bedroom apartments:

Sanitary ware worth € 1000.00 for one bedroom apartments including taps, mirrors and all the necessary accessories.

Two & three bedroom apartments.

Sanitary ware worth € 1700.00 for two and three bedroom apartments including faucets, mirrors and all the necessary accessories.


Doors / mechanisms and handles

Fireproof security doors according to the requirements of the Fire Service.

Interior doors

Laminate type interior doors of the Architect’s choice.


Kitchen with melamine interior 18 mm water proof and laminate doors. The lid of the kitchen countertops will be made of granite.


Melamine type cabinets (cabinets will include insoles, handles and drawers). The customer will visit the Carpentry Company for complete design of cabinets and kitchen and color selection.

Parking Spaces and Warehouses

For each apartment there will be a separate parking space and a separate storage room as specified in the Architectural Plans (the number of the apartment will be noted).

Air conditioning system

Provisions and installation according to the mechanical study for hot and cold air conditioners.


There will be electric heating provisions in all apartments.

Electrical Installations

All electrical installations will be based on the Architectural Plans and in accordance with all EAC regulations.

The provided power supply will be necessary for the needs of the given building.

All apartments will have a TV in the living room and in all bedrooms. There will also be provision for electric shutters.

Security system

Providing installation of alarm system with motion detectors.

General Notes


All of the above are the specifications, materials and unit prices provided for the construction of apartment buildings.

In case the buyer wants any modifications or changes of materials, they should be agreed in writing in advance.

In case the buyer decides to buy the sanitary ware from a supplier of his choice, then there will be a 20% discount from the amount of the package corresponding to the corresponding apartment.

The same goes for wall and floor ceramics.

Any demolition of works that have already been performed, will be costed in advance and if they are agreed in writing then their execution will proceed.

Buyers do not have the right to change the appearance of the building and are not entitled to any addition that will exceed the coverage in square meters in contrast to the existing urban planning provisions.