The time that is gone, has left behind us bittersweet feelings about the outcome of our life after the fight that was required to give in the midst of a pandemic. The new year, 2022, does not allow us to deprive the optimism that we can manage to cope with difficulties and we owe as a Real Estate Registry Council, to protect not only the interests of its sector, but also the interest of society and real estate investors in order for a healthy economy to exist. 

Our members, which increase year after year, to be sure that we are moving towards this direction. The Board of Directors actively participates in decision-making centers. “Articulates” speech claims and proceeds to realistic proposals for the benefit of our sector. The Real Estate Registry Council has managed to implement another timeless request of licensed Real Estate Agents. It also managed to achieve access for each Licensed Real Estate Agent in the Comparative Sales of the Department of Land Registry & Surveying. 

As the Chairman of the Real estate agents Registry Council I give my hand to all and I am at your disposal for defending our interests. With its long history, the Real Estate Agents Registry Council can and plays an important role in the Developments of our sector.